WASHINGTON — President Trump is back working in the Oval Office just days after being released from the hospital with COVID-19, a White House spokesman confirmed.

The commander-in-chief has been isolating in the White House residence after contracting the deadly virus but Wednesday afternoon was in his office, where he was being briefed on coronavirus negotiations and Hurricane Delta, Brian Morgenstern told reporters.

Photos also emerged on Twitter of a Marine guard standing outside the West Wing doors, as is customary whenever the president is working there.

In a tweet, the president confirmed he had been briefed on Hurricane Delta, which is entering the Gulf of Mexico, and had spoken to the governors of Texas and Louisiana.

Trump, 74, was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday and has been finishing his coronavirus treatment at home.

Dr. Sean Conley, the physician to the president, has been providing daily updates on Trump’s condition and earlier Wednesday said Trump was symptom-free and had coronavirus antibodies.

It’s unclear if the president is still contagious after he and the first lady were diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday.

Staffers in close contact with the commander-in-chief have been instructed to wear full PPE when within six feet of Trump, including disposable gowns and clear eye shields.

Earlier Wednesday, Morgenstern told reporters that preparations had been made for the president to return to the Oval Office and insisted they would adhere to CDC guidelines.

“We have PPE that we can use and we can interact with him, standing back like you’re standing back, and we can wear masks, or goggles, or gloves, or whatever may be needed,” he said.

“The White House and the West Wing are deep cleaned on a regular basis so there is a way for him to work out of a variety of rooms safely when he’s ready to do that. I think we saw today in the doctor’s announcement that he’s symptom-free, that he has the antibodies that they’re identifying now. It’s a great sign.”

Updated CDC guidelines released Monday revealed fresh evidence that coronavirus particles could be airborne far beyond six feet in poorly-insulated indoor environments.

Aides to the president say he is eager to get back on the campaign trail and reboot his re-election effort with just 27 days until Election Day. He is expected to address the nation in coming days.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that he is “feeling good” and was looking forward to debating Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Miami on Oct. 15.

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